Raksha Bandhan

It’s been a lovely day celebrating Raksha Bandhan. This is the bond of protection, where a brother promises to look after and protect his sister. I’m blessed with a lot of brothers who love me and I know would slay dragons for me. Good job for them that dragons don’t exist but you know what I’m trying to say here…!

The morning was spent with them as my sisters-in-law fussed around me and cooked a sumptuous brunch. The kids were helter-skelter as always though I did miss my kids being with us today. They weren’t with us because they’re recuperating from chicken pox that struck earlier this week.

There was the usual laughter, reminiscing about the past of us as kids and doing silly things and now our kids doing newer and siller things. Each year my brothers have generally upgraded my mobile phone for me as a present and this year I asked for a convertible Mercedes. I was just looked at blankly so I guess that didn’t go down to well, eh?

One brother sent me virtual money on my BlackBerry messenger and cheekily told me not to spend it all…!

It’s been a fantastic day and I have missed all my brothers who live abroad. May you all be blessed with healthy and happy lives. You are my strength and my will to move ahead because I know you’ve all got my back. I love you all.


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