Hot Chocolate made with real chocolate

My friend Sam makes the best ever hot chocolate. We had a movie night at my place once and he had everyone moaning and groaning in ecstasy with his fantastic recipe for hot chocolate. This is not his recipe unfortunately. He wants my iPad in exchange for that particular recipe of his and I’m not ready to part with my worldly possessions in favour of Sam as yet, much as I love him.
This is something I devised one cold evening with a few ingredients I had at home. Not much of an effort required except for exercising will-power not to indulge in it every single day.

Variations can include a few tablespoons of Jack Daniels added to the hot chocolate or instead of marshmallows you can throw in some Maltesers on top or even white chocolate buttons. The limit is your imagination…

For hot chocolate made with real chocolate you will need:

80g milk chocolate, broken into bits
80 g dark chocolate, yep… this too broken into bits
200ml double cream
250ml milk


In a heavy based saucepan, pour the milk and cream on boil on low heat. Add the chocolate ย bits to this milky mixture and keep stirring gently until the chocolate melts completely and the milk mixture is slightly thick. Pour into demitasse cups and garnish with bits of marshmallow* and ENJOY!

*You can vary the toppings with a dollop of freshly whipped cream, Maltesers, white chocolate buttons, Nutella, a few tablespoons of maybe Jack Daniels or even Baileys Irish Cream for a boozy kick to this yummy hot drink.


4 thoughts on “Hot Chocolate made with real chocolate

  1. yummy !!!!! what can I say Kamal – this is the best thing that’s happened to me this festive season !! cheers and you are right – it truly is HEAVENLY !!!


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