I’m not inclined towards fashion…

…or so I think!

Maybe I should rephrase that. I like to look nice and clean and I’m not the type who will try out a new fashion just because everyone else is doing it. Some fashion trends I just write off as ridiculous, others I know are not meant for my body type so I avoid them and the rest I wouldn’t touch with a barge pole because I may change with time, I may want to look ‘hip and happening’ but even I know when I ought to draw the line. I’m not the type who will wear the same fashions as my pre-teen daughter. If it rocks your boat, that’s good for you but I’m not of the thought where I have to dress up like my daughter to feel fashionable.

If I spend money on clothes I will tend to do that on pieces I know that will not go out of fashion quickly. Besides being a broke ass fashionista of sorts, I also don’t like to spend too much money on clothes and if I do splurge it will be on a timeless classic. From evening dresses to Indian attires, from chiffon tops to silk saris, I have a collection that I know will not date easily.

I spend my money more on lingerie and accessories. I love shoes, handbags, clutches and fashion jewellery to spruce up my simple closet. I love corsages, ribbons, hairbands, fancy hair clips, bracelets, big diamante rings and a whole load of other knick knacks that I like to wear. The most complicated and expensive piece of clothing in my closet is a gift from my brother Sukhbir and his wife Dimpy. They gifted me this gorgeous blingy sari that had my jaw drop at the label attached to it because I know I’d have to sell an internal organ to afford one of those myself. I love this sari of mine and have worn it only once at my younger brother’s wedding reception. I’d love to wear it again but I also know I want to wear it at an event that would justify this gorgeous sari.

I like wearing pretty jewellery pieces and Swarovski crystals feature largely even in my Indian jewellery pieces. I discovered a fabulous shop in UK that custom designs jewellery pieces and have been getting lovely stuff from them ever since. I’m not one to go into a goldsmith’s shop and buy things from there. I have never bought myself any gold at all. I don’t like to wear it!

With footwear it’s all about comfort now days. Before, death used to be a small price to pay to be uncomfortable in a pair of gorgeous shoes. Having said that, it doesn’t mean I have compromised on the quality of my footwear. Just the heel. Gone are the five inch heels and in place are the more sensible three inch and below heels and lots of flat footwear too, which a few years ago I used to look at in utter disgust. Even when pregnant I could never wear a totally flat heel and actually bought some pretty two inch heeled footwear to indulge in. I’m also not as madly obsessed with shoes as I was a few years ago. I know. Shock. Horror. Gasp.

Another thing I really used to spend a lot of money on was eyewear. I never bought diamonds. Ever. I bought fancy designer eyewear and wore them with pride. Eventually I started wearing prescription glasses and even then I’d get nice frames for myself and feel on top of the world. It’s a totally different story these days. I have a pair of tinted prescription glasses that I have been wearing for over six years now and I sometimes wear contact lenses for vanity reasons when I don’t want to wear prescription glasses if I’m all dressed to go out.

In short, if I’m comfortable in something I’ll wear it. Current fashion trends will not dictate to me to go out and buy the latest trends just to be in vogue with the rest who take fashion seriously. I’m happy in my trackie bottoms and tshirt and totally at ease in my chiffons that never go out of fashion and also because it’s something I love to wear.

You should dictate fashion and not let fashion dictate to you.

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