BE BETTER, by We Survive

I was going through my Facebook timeline and I found this posting by a very dear friend and I just had to share it. At the back of our minds we know all this but sometimes forget. I know I did and this has served as a refresher course. When you struggle uphill to get where you are it is easy to roll down into the heap at the bottom if you slip up. I realise that that’s not where I want to belong. I’m very happy where I am after my struggles to get to the top.
I hope you enjoy and glean from this.


by We Surviveย ( REALLY APPRECIATED!!)

‘When you are treated rudely, it is tempting to offer rudeness in return. But all that does is add more discord to your life.

It is difficult to show genuine consideration toward someone who has been inconsiderate or disrespectful toward you. And yet, that is precisely the response that most powerfully advances your life.

When you get yourself mired in fighting back against every perceived slight, you become a slave to the rude, destructive behavior of others. Choose instead to let it go, and then to rise above it.

You donโ€™t have to be snide, or vengeful or resentful. You can be better.

Instead of being negatively controlled by your anger, be positively propelled by your highest dreams and visions. Let go of the silly, petty issues, and focus your energy on whatโ€™s truly meaningful and fulfilling to you.

Be better, not out of arrogance or spite or pride, but out of the desire to bring your most positive possibilities to fruition. Transcend the frivolous drama, and take the high road to the fulfillment of your dreams.”

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