Kailash Kher and Kailasa for a good cause

Kenyan audiences are being spoiled and wonderfully pampered by Ranee Productions because whatever Ranee Jamal touches, turns to gold. I have been to very many concerts in my lifetime, not just in Kenya but abroad too, and when I compare the organization that Ranee gives her audiences in terms of entertainment and an eye for detail, you know that every penny you spend will be worth it.

Last weekend I watched Kailash Kher live in concert at the KICC. He was here with his outstanding band, Kailasa and Kailash performed for over three hours with a short break in between. What I loved most about this fantastic performer was his sense of humour. He had no rehearsed jokes. Everything was impromptu and his comic timing was spot on. The audience was roaring with laughter at his antics on stage. From poking fun at himself because he is what one would call โ€˜vertically challengedโ€™ to the bright sneakers with neon shoelaces that he wore, from his self-confessed lack of English speaking skills (personally I think he did a great job) to asking hotelier and businessman Pinky Vora of Sarova Group to reduce the height of the hotel beds to accommodate short people like himself, ย and everything else in between, Kailash did it all amidst laughter.

Besides the laughter the performance he gave was enough to induce goose-bumps and tears in my eyes as he gave a soulful performance that had the audience in raptures. His soulful melodies echoed through the balmy night at the KICC lawns and had many singing along with him. The band Kailasa was fantastic and added to the energy of the performance. Iโ€™ve always felt the presence of a live band always adds to the oomph factor any performer rather than miming away to CDs. If I want a glorified karaoke night I can always get together a few friends and stick in a CD and sing along. Live performances by stars of this caliber are always enjoyed so much more with a live band.

The magnificent aspect of all this was that money was being raised for charity and when you have to part with money for a good cause, I strongly believe it is money well spent. ย Funds were being raised for Shangilia Mtoto Wa Africa: Rejoice Child of Africa, presented by Hand in Hand and iCreate Africa. ย These amazing kids put up an amazing acrobatics show that had me watching with mouth agape. The little kids and he older ones too put together a fantastic performance and wowed the audience.

In all, it was a fantastic evening and I really did enjoy myself. Kailash Kher is a performer who gives you your moneyโ€™s worth and Ranee Jamal will ensure that your money is money well spent. She has always insisted that her audience comes first, then the performer and she has proved this time again by giving the ultimate entertainment package each and every time. Well done, Ranee. I hope this consistency never lacks or falters.


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