Evil Looking Pets

My domestic menagerie includes dogs, goldfish and once we even had a hamster called Hammy. Yeah I know… the kids couldn’t get over the fact I actually allowed a hamster in the house seeing that I personally feel they’re just glorified rats! So Hammy it was and every time they’d say Hammy I would hear Mummy and I’d respond ‘Yes? What is it?’ Eventually it died and added a lot of colour to the roses in the back garden where we held his funeral ceremony. I was reading news online and came across this amusing article on evil looking pets and had to share it. Made me grin. None of the pets we’ve ever owned have ever come close to looking this evil at all! Catch up with the story here:ย http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2135605/What-looking-Hilarious-gallery-showcases-worlds-evil-looking-pets.html

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