What was the naughtiest thing you ever did in school…?

I asked this question on Facebook and got some rather interesting replies. Thought I’d share them with you. What was the naughtiest thing YOU ever did in school? Do add to the list! I’d love to know what your teacher/ headteacher thought was a punishable offense and how you were punished for it.

    • Kishan Hirani Breaking rools and making our own rools and disturb staffs haha :p
    • Dimii Vekariya bribing the teacher to allow me to bunk class
    • Rupinder KaurMy bro Ishpal showed the headmistress his salai ( the one used when wearing the paag) saying that if she came near him, he would kill her with it……. And this was announced in the assembly Hahahahaha!!!!!
      Pearl Lulua I was trying to get raw mangoes using stones in my school compoud. And I got caught. ๐Ÿ˜€ ;
    • Suru Sembi Puttin up a dust bin on the door for a colleague but a teacher walked in n on her head….lol
    • Narinder Kaur Whitehead Never punished in school ;-0 was a very naughty naughty girl in college. Had the best time of my life at University of Nairobi in the the 80’s.
    • Kreizie Gerl kpt a broken chair fr da depty whch she sat n fel wd t…….n thrown stinkn bombs n stafrum
    • Shafiq A Makrani Something Akshay Kumar did in his school days. Pocket mei hole :p
    • Zulekha Jaffer Excaping from class during maths period :-pp!!
    • …N going late @ xkul :-pp!
    • Buh ws hvng amazing time…!!
    • ..Missing my xkul lyf :)) x
    • Mahdiya Ashraf lol did so mny thngs buh ths ws da best throwng mabuyu seeds on teachr n gt caught by head tchr haha:p
    • Shada Nasreen Khan When i went to school with a pocket radio and somehow it wouldnt off hahahahaha.
    • Narisha Shivji I was in Grade 2 and was always seen sitting with boys, my class teacher wrote in my diary that I was only paying attention to the boys! My Dad had to sign the diary but I never showed my diary to my him & instead tore the page. When the teacher asked for my diary the next day, she saw what I had done but I denied it! My dad was called to school & I was suspended for a week!
    • Collins Carter Lemayan I was going to class when a gal like was pass i pull her and kiss her and frm no where the teacher come i did him or luk i just pull her
    • Deejay Deshal tying up one of the teachers hair on the school bus chair rail .. lol
    • Jithu V-nom Renjit Lol.. Ever heard of water balloons? We used that concept with Trust condoms
    • Sajjid Gaffar thea waz no a single week passed without me bein punished i waz among da top 5 notorious wen i waz in class-6 da worst i remember waz when i waz spotted at our headmasterz residence datin his daughter at da backyard infact i remember we were cought kissin i waz bein PHYSICALLY SMACKED really hard n da daughter waz bein transfered to uplandz skul ( USHAGO ) fem dat day onwardz i used to face hell for any pitty blanderz dat i did MPAKA NIKA OKOKA in class-7 i waz one of da best student……..hAhAhAhAhA
    • Abhilasha Shivani S I used to pull out papers from my exercise book chew them and then mold them into like a small ball (grosss.. I knw) which i used to throw at my collegues. I didn’t care whether the teacher was in class or not. So one day i did my usual ugly stuff but instead of the chewd paper ball hitting the intended person i missed the target and hit the teacher. OMG! You don’t want to knw what followed…the punishment i got was to scrub all of the whole school pavements for one term which wasn’t really an easy task esp if it happened to drizzle or rain hard. Since then i never ‘dared’ doing smthng that could get me in trouble again.
    • Sayedibnbatuta Maxmansoor Confuciouskadri Primary school, almost set fire to the entire school playground when the grass was dry. Got caned for that. Incited a school riot while at Jahmu and got a final warning for that. Almost set the physics lab on fire again in high school. While doing my AS-levels I went to school with a rubber snake. The librarian and school secretary were under a tree flirting with each other. I snuck up behind them, tossed the snake up in to the and it landed smack in the middle of the two, sending them sprinting in opposite directions. Ahhhh, the best days of my life!
    • Jaspal Virdee pulling the fire alarm thingy in dead winter in Canada (temperature dipping into -25s) for the sake of it … got busted and expelled from high school for a week with community service for another ;p
    • Jaymini Hasham I got in trouble with Charul for saying that Charlie’s bateta vada had a bug in it. It did. Still don’t know why I got in trouble for that. Oh and then Thathi accused a bunch of us of smoking. Which we never did!!
    • Neelam Kaur me and my friends used to carry home clothing in our bags then if the sneak out to Luna park everyday.We were busted and our parents were told
    • Hansa Varsani We used to hate our double biology lessons and used to sneak out through the fence.,… And once were caught red handed when our headmaster was awaiting for us on the other side of the fence
    • Navneet Phull Skipping school through the then vegetative fence (think it was bougainvillea), to meet boys at the sports complex, getting caught, suspended for the rest of the week & pretty soon the stone wall came up to make sure we stayed in… Ah good times!
    • Sameer Kamasu threw banana’s at the deputy head ……
    • Manish Gandhecha my first year I put fireworks in the class connect with AGARBATI so its start when class started ….still when I remember I laugh lot…ya bt punished bt it was really fun….
      Neema Gohil We used to have a group of very naughty friends… Eating mabuyu and sunflower littering the schools grounds and classes… even worse when caught still did the same infornt of the prefects… n punishment for this was… Wash the school bus which was even more fun as we used to miss class too… sometimes deliberately used to do it to miss the worst chemistry afternoon class
      Prithpal Singh Bhat putting a pin on the teachers chair

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