A look through the Mirror.

A guest blog by ‘Devil’s Advocate’
Do read and add your comments!
~ Kamal


She walks in through the office door, her designer high-heeled shoes clanking minutes before she walks through it. Tall and lithe this modern woman, you can see well-toned legs, a clear evidence of the consciousness of how she looks. A short tight skirt with a slit on the side and a designer shirt to go with it. Deep colored lipstick and matching earrings, and a slight touch of blush on her cheeks. I completely forgot to mention the rose tattoo on her ankle, quiet visible. A modern woman powerful, elegant, yet hints her femininity and a touch of daring and naughtiness.

Dressed to kill? I think not. Fashion and all its ambiguities are like Valentines Day but all year round. Sucks you right in when you see someone dressed like that. And yes fashion is very very gender biased. Have you ever seen sexy lingerie for men? If a man came in shorts, a shirt and a tie, with a visible tattooร–.forget sexy, he is definitely out of a job. I always considered my self a smart man, not really a dress up person, and I do believe looks donโ€™t make up a person, brains do.

I can sum a manโ€™s wardrobe in one line, shoes, trousers, shirt, t-shirts, shorts, sandals, slippers and underwear, different variations but basically the same. Women on the other hand, fashion really never stops. Tell a man to get ready, and youโ€™re done in 5 minutes, tell a woman to get ready, start getting impatient. We have come a long way, from human kind actually being nudists, and then learning the concept of modesty and now reverting to semi nude. Yes we pay for the clothes we wear. Not that Iโ€™m saying we should all be freak shows, the pleasantness of eye candy in the form of fashion is always welcome.

But yes clothes are clothes no matter what you wear; it shouldnโ€™t change the basic root that is you. Iโ€™ve actually come across people who dress to kill, are mentally incapable, but hey looks do get you into places. As for us lesser people, we get termed ugly or shrews or scarecrows because we simply donโ€™t care what fashion is. Donโ€™t tell my wife about this, otherwise I donโ€™t get that Rolex I have being eyeing for a long time. See even I am sucked into it.

So people, that is my take on it all, and yeah you will see me dressed up, but not what is fashionable or what the fad it, but simple elegant clothes. I suggest you take a stock too, if you open your dressers and drawers and just count the amount of money you wasted on things you donโ€™t really wear, you would probably shoot yourself.

Got to go enough about my ramblings of a modern fashion. Nudity is a preference and not a requirement, and there is nothing shameful about not being fashionable. The most interesting people are the ones that look different from the normal, that is me and some other scarecrows.

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