The outrage is justified butโ€ฆ

Last week, we heard of the horrific killings of innocent children aged between five and six being shot down mercilessly by a miffed student who apparently had some kind of mental imbalance. Ok fair enough if you want to call his condition that but in my opinion such a lunatic should have been shot dead right away.

I have strong disdain for people who own guns. You are just one trigger away from being a murderer, in my opinion. You own a gun and to me it means you have the ability to take someoneโ€™s life in an instant.

I read in disgust that gun sales have actually risen in the USA after this incidence and Iโ€™m asking myself what kind of a sick society is this? Little children have lost their lives and now all of a sudden gun sales are rising? Idiots. I saw the price of bullets at a mere US 50 cents. I could only shake my head in disgust. How can you enable anyone to walk into a store to buy a gun and ammunition so cheaply, making it far easier than ever to continue taking lives of innocent people?

I know of some people who claim to own guns and I have a deep-seated fear of these people. In my mind, they are carrying with them the means to end a life and that scares me. You think it is uber cool to carry a gun? You think you can cite insecurity as a reason to carry a gun? So what about the rest of us who may have been involved in incidences like car-jackings and robberies at gunpoint? Does that automatically give us the license to own a gun?

Iโ€™ve had a gun pointed at me twice in my life and that was really scary. Also, allow me to let you know that as a teenager I used to belong to the Rifle Club in school and used to go to the range and learn how to shoot a gun but did that make me want to own a gun or a rifle? Even after being pointed a gun at, did I decide to splurge on a gun? The answer is a resounding NO! I too have kids and I also fear about their safety and mine too but that doesnโ€™t mean I invest in a gun.

Iโ€™m just wondering how easy is it to buy a gun in Kenya? Also do people go through some kind of counseling to be allowed to own guns? I will keep repeating myself that according to me, as soon as you have a gun, you have the ability to kill. To me, you are just a trigger away from being a murderer.

What are you rights?
What are you rights?

What are the gun laws in our country? How easy is it to get a gun? I believe you have to get a license to own one but you and I, we both know that in a country where anything can be availed with the exchange of a few bank notes, how difficult can it really be to buy a gun license?

Letโ€™s just get one thing straight โ€“ if you own a gun I will never ever trust you. Heck, I donโ€™t even trust cops with guns. They scare me to no end! Keep your need to kill someone by owning a gun to yourself. Iโ€™m totally going to judge you as a prospective killer if I ever know you own a gun.

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