Thank you for your Season, your Reason

People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. I had a friend who walked into my life for a reason and a season but clearly not a lifetime. Perhaps my perception of friendship is different. I make friends for life so when this friend, who I thought the world of, decided to stop talking to me, cut off communication on social media and all other aspects, this time I could do nothing to accept.

To me, everyone in my life is worth the fight, worth hanging on to, but how can I hang on to something that doesn’t exist? How do I fight for someone who has decided I don’t matter? This has happened many times when this friend has stopped speaking to me but I’ve always let go of the past and moved on. Isn’t life too short to hold grudges?

Slowly I have also realised life is too short to keep wondering what you’re doing wrong constantly instead of having an open communication with someone to be able to exercise your freedom of speech. Suddenly I realised I could not say what I wanted. I had to gauge moods, I had to be careful I didn’t step on toes or say something to hurt or upset. Walking on eggshells is all I ever did lately and I still continued being mindful because this person’s friendship was worth it.

Suddenly, one day, I wasn’t worth anything and I decided to stop forcing myself to make things better. When walking away and shutting others off becomes a habit, you just learn to allow such people carry on with their journey. In my mind, I feel I was harshly judged and was cut off from because I dared speak my mind. If that was how this person wanted to deal with me instead of talking it through with me without misunderstanding, then I could say no more. I allowed it to happen.

Yes it hurts but it has hurt every time this person has done this to me. I have finally realised this person was my friend for a season, a reason but not a lifetime.

Thank you for everything. I highly appreciate it all.

May your journey in life be good to you.




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