Balvir Boparai & Dipps Bhamrah – Brand New Album 2013


Bhangra music is to see an unexpected and surprising collaboration in 2013 with the return of an artist who has given Punjabi music fans some of the biggest anthems of all time, Mr โ€˜De De Gheraโ€™ himself …. Balvir Boparai teams up with Dipps Bhamrah!

Hailing from Boparai Kalan in Ludihana, Balvir Boparai sent Punjabi music lovers world wide into a frenzy when his ground breaking album โ€˜Hostelโ€™ was released.  The 2005 album featured songs written and vocaled by Balvir Boparai and included, undoubtedly, one of Bhangra musicโ€™s most iconic tracks in โ€˜De De Gheraโ€™.  To this day the track is still part of DJ playlists around the world and has etched Balvir Boparaiโ€™s name into history.

Tracks like โ€˜Hostelโ€™, โ€˜Ve Shudaiyaโ€™ & โ€˜Hookanโ€™ have established Balvir as a vocalist.  His lyrics have also made hits for fellow artists including Inderjit Nikku, Late Kulwinder Dhillon, Ranjit Mani, and Daljit Dosanjh which includes the super hit track โ€˜Nachdiya Alrhan Kuarianโ€™. 

In 2013, H.S.Preet (Sangeet Darpan Magazine, Punjab) presents Balvir Boparaiโ€™s forthcoming album with one of UKโ€™s most charismatic all round Bhangra entertainers, Dipps Bhamrah. As an international DJ, music producer and BBC Asian Network radio presenter, Dipps Bhamrah has been flying the Bhangra flag for many years and follows up from his 2012 album โ€˜Project:BHANGRAโ€™ success with his music gracing the brand new Balvir Boparai album.

With the brand new 8 track album nearing completion, the Balvir Boparai & Dipps Bhamrah collaboration will be releasing in late 2013.

Balvir Boparai

Dipps Bhamrah

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