The Travel Diaries – Nairobi to Dubai

Goodness… I just found this old write up lying unpublished. It’s from my trip to Macau earlier this year when I’d gone to cover the IIFA awards. Fun trip!

It was a hectic weekend trying to get everything in order, on a personal front. I had to get the house plants taken out, the dog food organised, the kids packed off to my parents’ place and I sit here typing this as we fly over India headed to Hong Kong, I’m fretfully trying to recall if the helper had remembered to take out the goldfish or not from inside! I’m sure he did. He’s quite good like that but I always have a tendency to fret that I might have left an electrical appliance switched or something or the other.

The traffic from Westlands to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) was completely clear. HAHAHAHA! Ok relax. I’m jesting. How can it be the first of the month, a Monday and there’s no traffic? I was in a taxi and at one point in an hour we barely moved a hundred metres. I got to the airport on time surprisingly and well before Naftali who is accompanying me on this trip to Macau for the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) awards. Dharmesh, our lucky winner from East FM was stuck somewhere in traffic.

Eventually Naftali caught up with me and we went to Java to get a drink of water. And have a giggle at the glass counter that seemed to have croissants in abundance. Us Kenyans and our sense of humour!

We embarked the plane and had an uneventful journey to Dubai, where we waited for an hour (in the plane, unfortunately!) as we refueled and picked up more passengers towards our final destination, Hong Kong. We will be getting a ferry to go to Macau.

I’m writing this draft as we are flying over Kolkata, according that map that shows us where we are in real time. I’m really tired and sleep and this thing of being cramped for so long in my seat is getting to me. I’ve been walking up and down the aisles to keep the circulation going and even went right to the back to have a chat with the stewards. By the way, I’m loving the attention and polite service on board our national carrier, Kenya Airways.

I’m thinking of indulging in yet another mindless nap as Naftali gently snores on the seat next to me. He’s in denial about it, by the way.

I guess I’ll post this as soon as I find an Internet connection! Let’s catch up in the next Travel Diary.

Finally at Hong Kong airport…

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