For the sake of fashion…?


Women are often criticized for the way they dress or the way they carry themselves. Just about everyone seems to have an opinion on hemlines, women in trousers, heck, people even complain and want to ban the hijab in some countries. Today itโ€™s not about women โ€“ I feel my species gets enough flak day in day out for what we wear and how we wear it. Todayโ€™s observations are aimed at mostly blokes who wear their trousers in a certain manner.

sagging pants

Have you ever seen a young man dressed in a pair of jeans that is hovering at almost his knees and heโ€™s out and about, feeling absolutely nothing at all with his unsightly boxers hanging out of the way heโ€™s wearing his trousers? Seeing this on TV is one thing but seeing someone in this is another. I cannot help but laugh out loud and don my judgmental cap on and wonder what possessed this young lad to dress like that and come out of the house.

I discussed this issue on air on East FM and the listeners had an input that was headed in just one direction โ€“ they hated it. I was also told that this “style” of wearing hanging pants or jeans started in prisons in the US. It was a way of communication between gay inmates. If the pants were worn in this manner it was to let other gay inmates know that they were gay. Others opined that they thought it was like seeing a diaper that was full and needed changing.

I also asked girls and women if they would like to be seen with a bloke who dressed like that and each and every female who answered said a resounding โ€˜No way!โ€™. They said it was unattractive for a man t o walk around with his underwear showing and not walking straight. Funnily I had only one male respond to this with a yuck but that was that.

When my friend asked me to discuss this, she made a very valid point that perhaps none of us pay attention to. There is a direct health problem linked to sagging jeans and that is bad posture that will invariably lead to bad knees and a weak back. She pointed out that these guys have to hold their body in a certain way so that the trousers donโ€™t fall off completely and in the process they bend at the knees constantly and their back is tilted in an unnatural way and before you know it, it becomes a habit to walk like that.

Wise up, lads. You are creating health problems for yourselves and youโ€™ll probably die single if youโ€™re still in sagging pants well into your thirties. Women enjoy being around a well-dressed and smart man โ€“ well I do anyway, so enough already with these trousers at your knees for all the wrong reasons. Get a belt, pull up your pants and walk tall and proud. Whether you like it or not, people do judge you by what you wear.

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