Juicing Culture and Smoothie Mania


Iโ€™m almost always the last one to jump onto any bandwagon that involves health. Not because Iโ€™m dragging my feet but because I donโ€™t get to find out the benefits of something until itโ€™s late in the day. Well, better late than never, I always say and so I jumped on with great aplomb as of last week onto this culture that allows you to blend your vegetables to liquid and drink them up instead of forcing them down your throat.

Iโ€™ll tell you the first advantage that comes to mind โ€“ Iโ€™m not over seasoning or adding sauces, gravies or other such things to make the vegetables more palatable. To me, cauliflower meant it had to be baked in a cheese sauce and vegetables could be stir-fried but what use were they if they werenโ€™t drowning in a cocktail of sauces?

Iโ€™ve been following my two friends Naomi Mutheu and Rita Morar on their Instagram accounts and every now and then theyโ€™ll post pictures of ingredients of very healthy looking stuff, stick it in a blender and serve up the result and post a picture of it. It was as simple as that, really. Blend together all these ingredients and allow your body to become healthier. Iโ€™d mentally make a note of trying it out some day. I have the blender, the vegetables and fruits are bought every week, so what was stopping me from putting them into the blenderโ€™s jug, hitting the button and drinking up the result? Sheer laziness.

Mixed berry smoothie

I admit I can be very lazy at times. Iโ€™ve often been told off by a loved one that my whole life run likes clockwork, Iโ€™m meticulous about my kids upbringing, my home and my work so why canโ€™t I show the same passion for my own health? It was a wake up call indeed. In the past itโ€™s always been attempts started off with great steam and then somehow, due to sheer laziness, it fizzles out and the get up and go just got up and went.

I have started on this juicing culture without making great big promises to myself. Small changes always help in making bigger ones so one step at a time. Out with unhealthy snacking; in fact I have stopped buying rubbish snacks to avoid temptation completely and am actually enjoying the juices and smoothies Iโ€™m making at home. Also Iโ€™m trying hard not to Instagram, Tweet and Facebook everything I make but on second thoughts, if I did that, the vain person in me might rear her head seeing that people actually like, appreciate and even suggest recipes.

Right. That settles that. I think I shall start posting pictures of my smoothies and juices on my social media if only to keep myself inspired, but also hopefully inspiring others to jump onto this health bandwagon that I am on, all inspired by Naomi who is in Kenya and Rita who is a singer in the UK.

Thanks girls! Here is a toast of kales, carrot, cucumber, red cabbage, mint, lime juice and apple to your inspiration.

Glass of mixed veggies

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