I owe a public apology to Valentine Njoroge and Andrea Bohnstedt.


Let me start from the top. For many years, Iโ€™ve abused my body and not looked after myself. The scales have tipped to gasp-inducing digits that one day I finally sat down aghast at what was going on with my life and decided to take control of it. For many years, in fact for as long as I have known both these lovely ladies, theyโ€™ve always heard me whine about my weight and then suggested that I try out yoga. Both told me it would be great for me and itโ€™s not as strenuous as pounding the pavement.

I have always brushed them off and laughed at them. To me, people who do yoga always make it their mission in life to tell others to do yoga. Iโ€™d laugh at their yoga mats, their dedication, their social media posts about yoga and add my cheeky comments and now, I finally owe both of them an apology.


I went for my first yoga class last month and guess what. Yes. I totally enjoyed it. It was very awkward to try all those postures and stretches in the first class but as time has gone on, I must say Iโ€™m becoming slightly better and much more flexible than I was ever in my entire life.

I do yoga with some amazing ladies and a great instructor. They have a class at the gym where I work out at and Iโ€™ve often stood outside the glass doors where the water cooler is watching people inside sweating it out. Then Iโ€™d promptly walk away from there and settle my disturbed soul with a plate of paneer samosas.

Image - tarladalal.com
Image – tarladalal.com

Iโ€™m glad my attitude has changed and Iโ€™m really glad that Iโ€™m finally taking this yoga class. I have even mad a commitment by buying myself a nice blue yoga mat and surprise surprise! I have even started doing a few yoga stretches at home along with the deep breathing that is indeed, very calming.

Even though the ladies in my class have been coming for the class way longer than I have and they know all the moves and names of the positions and stretches, not once did I feel stupid or out of place. They are very encouraging and no one has that condescending air about them that they are far more superior. Even the yoga teacher is a fabulous guy who is encouraging and very helpful indeed.

You donโ€™t need fancy outfits or expensive gym shoes to be able to do yoga. You donโ€™t need to go buy yoga pants or tops. I just work out in regular leggings and a tshirt, but thatโ€™s mostly because Iโ€™d look horrid in those tight spandex and lycra working out gear. For now. The aim is feel good, then work even harder on looking good.

So Andrea and Valentine, I apologise to both of you for poking fun at you. Thank you for not unfriending me or blocking me in real life or on social media. Yoga date soon, ok?

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