Happy Imamat Day

My Ismaili friends refer to me as ‘Honorary Khoji’ and let me explain why! I have studied in Aga Khan schools and of course I’m bound to have learnt something along the way. The thing is that 20 odd years on I can still recite the ginans we were taught in school and I still remember so much of those days gone by. I feel immensely proud when I meet an Ismaili and they tell me how lucky I am to have met and shook hands with His Highness.

That happened in primary school (yes it was Aga Khan Primary…!) and I was one of the selected few who were to sing a Welcome song on the school stage. Even back then I knew it was a big deal to be doing this for such a huge personality. Perhaps back then I didn’t realise how big a deal it was but as I got older and read more about The Aga Khan I learnt so much more about him and grew to respect him even more than ever.

From the many strong foundation stones that I have in my life I know that the Ismaili culture is also strongly embedded in there somewhere. Often I get asked why I give so much importance to this religion and I always retort back something my parents have always taught me – ‘If you can’t respect someone else’s religious beliefs how will you expect them to respect your beliefs?’

So having said that, I’d like to wish the Ismaili community a Happy Imamat Day and I’m wondering which Khoji friend of mine should I catch to buy me Fudge chocolate that we used to get in school during Khushali…!! ๐Ÿ™‚

5 thoughts on “Happy Imamat Day

  1. hi kamal, im really impressed & touched by your thoughts.just out of curiosity, what years did you spend at the aga khan primary school, i also went to that school and so did both my sisters and if im not mistaken it was around the same time that his Hiness the Aga Khan has visited the school and when you were one of the students who performed the wellcome song. you could keep in touch via my e-mail; castilo69@hotmail.com

    take care and good day


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