Motivational Tips to Boost Success

I’m a self-proclaimed procrastinator. It’s NOT something I have been proud of but I am glad to say that I quietly decided at the beginning of this year that I should take control of my life and change what I didn’t like – and that was lack of motivation.

I started reading up a lot and have gathered very many tips on how to stay motivated. It could be to do with anything – from working out to reading a book a week, to working on turning your business around to writing that first novel you always wanted to – and the tips have somehow been coming in handy.

Adjust. Adapt. Adhere. You’ve got this.

Make Things Happen!


  1. Get serious. It’s simple but we won’t get ahead if we don’t make a commitment
  2. Know your limits. Don’t over-promise yourself something and then beat yourself up over it because you can’t deliver.
  3. Surrounded yourself with highly successful and motivated people. You are the company you keep.
  4. See yourself as the best, because if you don’t, who else will?
  5. Look for inspiration. It’s everywhere.
  6. Stop obsessing over your vision. If it becomes too much and things are not going the way you envisioned, find a different route to your goal.
  7. Never feel sorry for yourself. I’ve done this many times, and even though I do eventually get up and dust myself after falling over, it’s time wasted. Get on with it.
  8. Be passionate. No fuel, no fire.
  9. Harness that fear of failure. It’ll motivate you to keep doing better.
  10. Create a vision board and believe in the power of it. Keep it in front of you, look at it every single day, and create a new one each year.

ย An example of a vision board

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