The Most Cliched Headline Ever – Happy 2019

Itโ€™s not even 15th January yet and it seems like this month has approximately 293 days. I donโ€™t know what it is about the first month of the year that it stretches and goes on and on like a mother lecturing her child over something they did wrong.

Hang on. That would be me. I lecture my kids and turn everything into a life lesson and I can only make out from my childrenโ€™s expressions that theyโ€™ve had enough but have to sit through it because thereโ€™s no way out.

Ditto January, except Iโ€™m not doing the lecturing.

Weโ€™re still mumbling about resolutions and the Instagram feeds still show gym selfies and healthy foods that are being consumed. Iโ€™m still struggling with jet lag and trying to watch series on Netflix that Iโ€™d hoped to finish watching in December.

You see, with every new year come renewed hopes and dreams and goals. We wipe the slate clean and want to start afresh, and why not if thatโ€™s what works for you?

I havenโ€™t made any major resolutions but I do have goals to better my health and perhaps write more. In the past fifteen years of being a published writer, itโ€™s been very rare that I have written for myself and so, hopefully, starts a journey to write again. Not just to publish but for myself, to keep that grey matter from shrinking, to tell my stories, share my musings andโ€ฆ just keep writing, I guess.

What are your resolutions, goals, hopes, dreams? Do you meticulously plan it all out or are you one of those happy-go-lucky types who just about wings it in life? Neither is a bad thing โ€“ you do you.

Have a great 2019. May this year bring you lots of love and positivity and may you keep subscribed to my blog so that I can feel Iโ€™m talking to all three of you like youโ€™re in my living room.

Living larger than life!

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