Samburu Simba Lodge

The arrival and welcome at Samburu Simba Lodge was very warm. Cool, refreshing face towels awaited us as we made our way to the reception to do the formalities of checking in. It took more time to drink the mango cocktail than it did to check in. Such efficiency.

A well-appointed room

The room is very nice. It opens to a balcony that overlooks the park and is quite spacious.

The balcony also has a couple of recliners

The bathroom is clean and functional, and it has two clear windows where you can admire the view while getting on with your ablutions.

A great way to shower!

Samburu Simba Lodge is spacious, airy, well-appointed, clean, well-kept, and the support team is very friendly indeed. I love it that they switch off the generator for most of the day and night. Youโ€™ll find solar powered torches in your room and the WiFi is pretty good. Having said that, Iโ€™m actually happy with this electronic detox where I have access only at specified hours.

The food is good. After a long day traipsing all over the park, we have been coming back to good food. From the packed breakfast for the early morning game drive to the lunches and dinners, the foodโ€™s been very good.

Thereโ€™s are well-stocked bar, a little souvenir shop and a large lounge where you can relax and indulge in sundowners.

A lovely infinity pool near the lounge area with sun-beds to relax on tempted me invitingly. This, too, overlooks the park.

Looks very tempting

Wear lots of sunscreen, keep hydrated, enjoy yourself and be safe. Donโ€™t disembark from your vehicle, donโ€™t sit on top of the roof of the vehicle (youโ€™ll get fined by the park rangers for this), donโ€™t litter, and be mindful of others who are taking pictures as well.

You can book your stay at Samburu Simba Lodge with Globetrotter Agency LTD.

They have other great offers too. Check out their social media pages and choose your next holiday with them. They have a fantastic โ€˜holiday now, pay later schemeโ€™ known as Lipa Pole Pole. Theyโ€™ll be able to tell you more about this.

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