Miniso Watercolour Pens

My daughter bought me these watercolour markers from @minisokenya as a gift.

I tried them out today and I quite like them.

Theyโ€™re not like your usual blend-able watercolour markers. They have a chalk-like consistency, and you canโ€™t blend them with a wet brush later on. The pens are very easy to use and they are practical when it comes to storage.

I love these and will be getting more colours.

Great for anyone who doesnโ€™t want the mess of water spillage or paints all over the place.

Versatile, easy to travel with, great for kids and adults who like to create.

My daughter said they were only 20/- each!

I had to ask her twice!

She got these from Miniso at Village Market.

#productreview #art #watercolours #watercolourpens #kamz26 #miniso #minisokenya


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