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Technophobic I am not but there are times when even the simplest of tasks confuses me no end. This is about the technology I use and how I don’t end up blowing things up, losing to my kids on the Wii and other stuff.

Hopefully this is a year of looking up…

I’m not going to be nauseatingly positive and tell you what measures you should take in life to make it better and what not. I think we have many Oprah and Deepak Chopra wannabes around us who love to tell us how life should be led and they are in fact amongst the most dysfunctional people otherwise. I’m happy with my own brand of dysfunction and hypocrisy. I’m not the epitome of perfection but I haven’t given up.

Last week, Larry Asego posted something on Facebook and I was taken by it completely. No it wasn’t a life changing quote or anything. It was a short video clip of how life is going on for all of as we are stuck to our phones. There’s just one woman in the entire video that isn’t on her phone while everyone else is, including kids at a playground. Special moments that should ideally be enjoyed and then maybe photographed are now photographed first and that special moment is lost in taking selfies or capturing what was actually happening then.

phone camera

I’m guilty as sin for this. I have this compulsive need to take pictures, to document each and every moment and capture it with my phone camera and in the process I have realized I miss out so much. I went through the pictures and saw that while I was taking perfect shots of my kids birthdays because I feel I take better pictures than many, I’m nowhere in the pictures with my kids. That’s just one example and it seared my heart.

I have pictures of friends as we clink our glasses in unison to toast our friendship and as soon as the picture is done, instead of reveling on, all of us grab our phones and look in the photos folder to see how the pictures turned up and immediately start loading them on Facebook and Twitter. This is not an accusation – it’s a pathetic admission to what I actually do and I know of many who are just the same.

So let’s try and do this this year. Let’s try and give the phone and the camera a bit of a break. I’m not saying you kick cold turkey. If you spend horrendous amounts of time online on your device, start by reducing the time you’re on. Limit yourself by setting the timer on your fancy phone and adhere to that. Slowly increase the time between the usage, and soon enough you’ll see you’re using your device a lot less, unnecessarily.


I want to try and be more involved in things happening around me instead of having this need to capture everything in my phone camera. The pictures won’t bring back what I miss out and in a few years from now, when the kids have flown the nest and gone to start life on their own, I will be left all alone with my damn phone and camera and no one to take pictures of.

2014 is the year I will look up more often instead of look down at my device. I want to make beautiful memories this year to erase and reformat the area that’s filled with the horrors of Westgate from last year.


Fast & Furious Adrenaline

Fast & Furious Adrenaline for the iPad or iPhone

One is obligated to download applications when one owns something as sexy and awesome as an iPad and an iPhone. Downloading Fast & Furious Adrenaline was pretty cool, even if I’m using outdated terminology!

Fast & Furious Adrenaline features three modes which are story mode, quick play, and multiplayer and four different race types – road race, cop chase, time trial, and drag race.

I’m still on the basic road race though I think my 5 year old son has whooped my backside in terms of levels and points. It’s actually a fun looking ride even if I say so myself although I routinely crash into walls and other cars. All this time I thought I was MEANT TO crash into other cars to slow them down.

It’s a drive through the streets of Los Angeles and so far I can choose only one of 2 cars as I haven’t managed to unlock the other cars. Controls are pretty basic—the default is accelerometer steering and automatic gas, but you can also use a steering wheel or “touch steering,” which allows you to steer by touching either side of the screen. While each car has its own specs, handling is pretty much the same across the board. Other buttons on your dashboard include a pause button and, of course, nitrous. You can also brake, by pressing and holding the bottom part of the screen.

So far I’ve been kicking ass (bwahaha) with the yellow car. I want to be the red car very soon. Watch this space….

Wii What?

Wii Console - Black Beauty!

February 2010 brought with it a lot of nice things. It brought back a friend from the lost, it brought my Googlee’s 5th birthday, it also brought Valentine’s Day which I’m not into that much, and a brand new Nintendo Wii Console!

So the Wii gets ordered in the UK and is brought about a week after Googlee’s birthday. There’s lots of excitement in the house and you’d think that me being technologically update than the average woman my age I’d have put it up right away and gotten on with life right? Wrong.

I have this beautiful roll up study desk in the guest room where the Wii stuff has been stored in for the last 6 months. I mean it. All unopened, still wrapped and taped and securely stored away. And for a long time Yummy has been hounding me to get it connected for Googlee before it went out of fashion. I thought only shoes and bags and clothes went out of fashion…

So anyway, after making promises for a very long time, I managed to get the stuff out of the desk and into the TV room but didn’t connect it. Give me some credit – it took me 6 months to get it out of there, I had to let the equipment get used to the new room! So finally I promised I would set it up and sat down to unpack it properly and discovered one thing that was glaringly obvious….


Too many wires and thingybobs for the Wii!

I had a biology teacher in the UK who, after every test or exam, used to throw our answer sheets at us with big fat red Fs and say ‘If all else fails, read the instructions.’ It was a lesson well learnt so I tend to read instructions before failing completely. I’m proud to say I managed to set it up eventually and also managed to sus out the settings on the TV for it to be compatible with the Wii. Yayyyy for Kamal.

So there you go. Kamal’s not that useless. Though I have it on authority that my 5 year old would have been able to set it up in 10 minutes flat. I don’t doubt that for one minute….