8 ways to protect your mental health from modern technology

1) You use your devices late at night, that means you struggle to sleep. It has an effect on your mental health.

Solution: Limit your time online in the evening. Don’t use your phone late into the night.

2) You really struggle not to look at your phone when it’s in your room. Meaning you look at it anyway…

Solution: Keep your online life separate to your room at night.

3) You struggle to focus after spending a long time in front of a computer.

Solution: Take regular screen breaks. The government recommends a 5-10 minute break every 50-60-minute continuous screen time.

4) You feel upset when seeing your friends’ holiday snaps or perfect relationships online.

Solution: Be aware you’re only seeing an idealised version of their lives. You don’t see the horrendous food poisoning and fights late into the night.

5) You struggle to understand what people mean online. You think they might have insulted you/been rude to you.

Solution: Give them the benefit of the doubt. Ask what they mean.

6) Certain types of content trigger strong negative feelings within you.

Solution: Identify what exactly upsets you and take steps to avoid content along that theme.

7) You’re struggling to get over your ex and seeing updates of them with potential new partners makes you really upset.

Solution: Delete them. They’re only delaying your recovery.

8) You just can’t take anymore #humblebrag statuses anymore.

Solution: Delete the energy vampires. They’re only getting you down.

Read more: http://metro.co.uk/2016/04/08/8-ways-to-protect-your-mental-health-from-modern-technology-5772813/#ixzz45GeDLuvR

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