Back at Work!

Busy at work....

Last week was a short working week for me as I had to take some time off for medical reasons. I bounced back to Lion Place this morning quite early to catch up with what I had missed last week. Being a radio jockey is awesome work – absolutely satisfying and soul-satisfying. I’m not waxing lyrical but I truly do enjoy what I do. It’s also a myth that people who work at radio stations just play CDs and enjoy the music. NOT TRUE! It’s a hard job that requires skill and precision since we work with seconds and not just minutes and hours.

Anyway, I get to work and I’m greeted by Naftali who gives me a beautiful hand-made card with a gorgeous beaded butterfly on it. He knows I adore butterflies. Here…. have a look…. gorgeous isn’t it?

Gorgeous card from lovely Naftali ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m just preparing to go into the studio in about an hour. I think I’ll pop in and see my fellow writers at the Star on the 2nd floor. I might just get a chocolate or something out of them.



  1. And as i had mentioned before and had agreed with you radio jockeying is not just about playing music..imagine a Monday morning where you have a splitting headache, are in a terrible mood and have to sound like there is nothing as cool as this Morning!! its sheer hardwork and discipline ..:)


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