“A Guide to the Birds of East Africa – A Novel” by Nicholas Drayson

A Guide To The Birds Of East Africa

My friend owns a book store and often gets books way before they are released for sale and he strongly suggested I read this book. The title didn’t jump out at me instantly and honestly speaking had I not been requested to read it by my friend I would never have bought this book off the shelves.

In a nutshell, Mr. Malik is a quiet, unassuming widower in Nairobi, who is in love with Rose Mbikwa, the leader of the Tuesday morning bird walk of the East African Ornithological Society. He intends to invite Rose to the Hunt Club Ball, but he has competition – a former school mate. The gentlemen at the Asadi Club decide that Malik and Harry Khan will have a bird-watching contest, and whoever wins will have the honour of inviting Rose to the Ball.

They become totally involved in a bird-counting contest to determine who will have the honour of inviting her and I loved the scenes in the Asadi Club and I also developed a soft corner for Mr. Malik. I also enjoyed the trip within Nairobi because it kept me visualising the places mentioned. It sounds like a silly little premise, and it is, but Drayson does a fabulous job with it, and it is one of the most enjoyable books I’ve read in a long time. I’m glad my friend suggested this book to me.


  1. Love all the book reviews!! Actually makes me realise I shouldn’t be wasting so much time on facebook & read one of these books instead!! Keep up the good work, you’re always such a great inspiration!!


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