Happy Birthday Mummy Darling!

Happy Birthday Mum!

So what’s the big deal about it being my Mum’s birthday? Well it IS a big deal for me because Mum has, of late, had some severe health problems which made me question (and I’m being honest) if she’ll see her next birthday. I’m happy to announce that she has and I can’t describe how ovewhelmed I am today. She might kill me for revealing her age but I think for her 65 years Mum looks pretty good despite having had major setbacks healthwise.

In life, Mum has taught me a lot. The first and foremost thing is to fight for what is right and take no shit from anyone – well not in those words exactly. She used more elegant language. I think ‘eloquent’ is the word I am looking for. Anyway, Mum has made me the strong person I am today and while Mum gets to hog all the credit for today I also know that my Dad has also been the strongest pillar of strength in my life.

Mum’s awesome and I know what she’s had to put up with in life (No, I don’t mean me or my siblings… we’re actually quite alright you know!). She has stood by Dad and made his business stand where it is today, she has brought up her kids to the best of her abilities (I grew up ok – no drug dealing or dodgy part time occupation for me. And I pay my taxes on time) and now she spends time totally chilled out watching Indian TV serials. I sometimes secretly feel she’s related to them lot because of the keen interest she takes in their life but it’s all good. It keeps her out of mischief!!

Happy birthday MUM!!!!! We are all so proud of you and admire your strength and ability at not giving up. You have taught us well. We love you and wish you many happy returns of the day.

From your kids who didn’t turn out to be dodgy drug dealers, the lovely people 2 of them got married to and your faublous grand-kids whom you dote on.


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mummy Darling!

  1. hey kamal im so touched da way u hav wished ur mom on ur web page it feels good when some1 really luv n respect der parents..pls keep it up.. Mawan thandian shawan… Happy b’day aunty ji many happy returns ov the day..May baba ji bless her long healthy life… Tc sweety rab rakha..


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