My Chat with Atif Aslam

He looks yummy and now that I have spoken to him, he even sounds yummy! So there I was at work doing my radio show when Javed comes into the studio and tells me I have to do a quick phone interview with Atif Aslam who had just landed at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. I tried to be nonchalant about it but seriously, I have no control when it comes to famous people. I just bubbled with excitement that I would be the first person in media to talk to Atif Aslam in Kenya.

So I dial the number I was given and Atif comes on line and I’m quivering with excitement asking him if he’s ready to rock Nairobi on Saturday and his sexy drawl had me weak at the knees and I was grinning from ear to ear as I spoke to him. I also mentioned I’d wear flat shoes for the concert as I wanted to dance all night and he asked me why not in heels… You reckon that’s a fetish?!

He didn’t seem too scared to face the Nairobi traffic – he countered that he had been stuck in traffic from Lahore to Los Angeles so he’d face it like a man.

At the end of the conversation I did give him a huge mwah on the phone and then there was silence and then a small laugh. You’d think he’d be used to such uncouth behaviour eh?!

You can watch Atif Aslam live in concert on Saturday at the Carnivore Grounds from 9.30pm onwards.

4 thoughts on “My Chat with Atif Aslam

  1. hehe that was too cute…a huge mwah on the phone lmao.

    I don’t get this thing where people say he/she looks so yummy. Do you wanna drizzle chocolate sauce/maple syrup( i dunno whatever catches your fancy) on them and then eat them up or what?


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