Sushi Misadventure

So it’s been quite a while since I’ve been promising Dream Girl and Googlee a Japanese meal so as to expose their palates to this culinary delight which is amongst my favourite. So off we went to the Tokyo restaurant at the Village Market, quite smartly dressed because ‘this is a restaurant not a food court’ and I suppose impressions had to be made.

I thought I wouldn’t introduce them to the sashimi straight away and decided to stick to vegetarian sushi. The excitement was high and radiating to the patrons on the next table who indulged in a little conversation with the kids telling them they’d really enjoy their meal.

Dream Girl has always been a finicky eater so I was pretty sure she wouldn’t really enjoy herself; and Googlee is one who will love instantly anything you feed him and I had already seen the pair of us in the future indulging in a Mother-Son lunch date catching up on life while picking on the delicacies with our fine chopsticks.

The salad wasn’t received too well but there were oohs and aahs over the arrival of the sushi platter which looked great. I feed them a bite each and the expressions are priceless – like they need a barf bag when on the plane.

My dreams of Mother-Children lunches were totally shattered and it’s a good job I had forward thinking and had ordered noodles and chicken for them.

Tomorrow’s lunch is left over sushi. I couldn’t have it all. And we’re sticking to the food courts for a while where we can indulge in ‘safe’ foods…


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