Scents I Love

My olfactory nerves just love to be assailed with certain scents. They invoke in me happiness and positivity and sometimes bring back good memories from days gone by. Here’s a random list of smells I really like!

  • I love to bury my face into my Mumโ€™s shawls and take deep breaths of her perfume. Itโ€™s a mixture of Harrodsโ€™ rose spray and her very own โ€˜mummy scentโ€™ and I just love it. My Nan used to love to wear rose scents too so it kind of reminds me of her too. Good job it doesnโ€™t smell like air freshener or Iโ€™d liken it to a toilet!

  • The smell of the first raindrops on dry earth let out an awesome smell. I know Iโ€™m not the only who loves this scent. Itโ€™s the most calming scent I know of and this may sound weird but I feel like eating mud sometimes when Iโ€™m assailed with this scent!

  • I love citrusy scents. They uplift me and invoke happiness in me. Perfumes like CKone, Clinique Happy, Boss Orange Happiness, my room freshener that smells of Sweet Bay and Citrus, the smell of orange peel, tangerines, lemons… I love them all. I get a sudden feel-good-factor when Iโ€™m surrounded by citrusy scents.

  • There is something about babies and the way they smell. Itโ€™s not just soiled nappies, regurgitated milk and the baby powder. Thereโ€™s a kind of ย satisfaction burying your nose deep into them and inhaling that scent that they lose by the age of three or thereabouts. I used to love the smell of my kids when they were little. It was a clean, yummy, baby smell and I still tend to smell other peoplesโ€™ babies when I carry them. I promise you Iโ€™m not weird. Try it…!

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