Commonwealth Games and all that Masala

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A.R Rehman’s Song in the opening ceremony of CW Games is being replaced by Kalmadi’s dance performance on the song, “Delhi Badnaam Hui Darling Mere Liye.

If you have watched the recent movie Dabangg you know exactly what I am talking about. Thatโ€™s a hilarious shift of words to display of what the Commonwealth Games (CWG) has become. Discussions are rampant at korogas, kitty parties (just briefly at these to sound knowledgeable before moving on to fashion and dissing someoneโ€™s daughter in law), schools, radio airwaves etc. I have been getting my 2 bits worth from Zee TV. Usually at around 9pm everyday I try and catch up with whatโ€™s happening in India and have been alarmed at the way the date to the CWG has gotten closer and there has been no major effort to clean up the mess that has loud whispers of corruption coming from it.

India didnโ€™t get to find out a fortnight ago that the CWG will be held in their country so Iโ€™ve really got no sympathy for them in that aspect. What on earth have they been doing all this time? Actually thatโ€™s a pretty stupid question because where corruption is rampant we know what the real story is. Anyone and everyone who could line their pockets with the money intended for these games have obviously done so. While unnamed Swiss banks have probably seen a rise in the credit column, the shame that has befallen India is sickening.

The snake at the Athletes (inhabitable) Village was another horror. Iโ€™d have just packed my bags and come back home. To heck with sportsmanship and whatnot at this stage! Why should any sportspersons have to compromise on health or safety at any point? In fact why should anyone else for that matter?

Right! Having ranted about the ills, letโ€™s see if this can be salvaged. There has been talk about moving the CWG to the UK where facilities are readily available but then again this is Indiaโ€™s chance to prove the world wrong, just the way South Africa did in the recently concluded Football World Cup. I had friends in the USA who bet that Africa would not be able to host such a huge event. It was a big slap on their lack-of-sun faces, with a blast of the annoying vuvuzela for good measure, for being so doubtful. Hopefully India can also come through and perhaps other Commonwealth countries can chip in and do their bit to make these games successful.

Everyone in the โ€˜right spiritโ€™ says โ€˜Donโ€™t bitch about it. Instead help outโ€™. Yes but how does one help a country that has ruined its image itself? India is amongst the Top Five economies of the world if I have my statistics right, so then WHY on earth is this debacle being allowed to happen? Indians abroad are more ashamed than the Indians in India and Iโ€™ll also tell you why this is happening. I have almost always noticed that Indians who live abroad are more patriotic than their counterparts at home. So the shame and outrage being felt is more like a resounding slap than to the Indians back home. You see, theyโ€™re used to this corruption and greed and have stopped giving a damn. When fat cats line their pockets, the poor or the patriots are not benefitting so if someone is slagging off the country they just shrug and move on.

Anyway, weโ€™ll see next week what happens and if India can prove itself to be a worthy host. Good luck more to them than the participants!

2 thoughts on “Commonwealth Games and all that Masala

  1. I was mortified when the appalling state of affairs was broadcast by the media. India is more than a capable host for the games and this would have been a great opportunity to show the world how far India has come. Alas the snake of corruption has spewed it’s venom over India’s image.


  2. On Thursday’s news, they had monkeys running all over the village, after which they released ‘langur’ monkeys, which are the the most aggressive species of monkeys in India, to chase away the smaller monkeys!!
    the games are going to the dogs!! ..err….monkeys!!


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