Just Another Manic Monday

This is not supposed to be an attempt to see if I can remember the song words from the hit by the Bangles (80s band). I’ve actually had a seriously crap start to the day. I don’t usually get Monday Blues or feel Monday is a day that should be abolished from the calendar or be reshuffled and swapped with Thursday perhaps. Nope. I’m pretty easy-going like that but today was just horrid.

Started with yesterday when some nasty work-related stuff happened, and it didn’t help that I have been unwell for quite sometime now and yesterday ill health was at its peak. I got home, and while in the kitchen dropped the kitchen scissor on my foot (it looks like a neat little snake bite) while opening a parcel I had received. I didn’t bleed to death but it does still hurt. Then I took the kids out for an early dinner and I lost Ksh2,000 at the supermarket when I went to get the milk and bread. After I got home I thought it would be all ok but nope – how can troubles not come raining down at once?

Speaking of rain, it started raining yesterday and I went and sat out for a while and then when it eventually stopped I came in to have a hot shower to feel better and then stima (electricity) goes. It doesn’t go for long but it’s long enough to make me sob my eyes out in frustration again. Eventually I went to bed, couldn’t sleep most of the night then eventually drifted off to bed and guess what…

I forgot to set the alarm clock and instead of waking up at 5.30am I woke up suddenly at 6.35am, with the kids school bus exactly five minutes away from coming to pick them for school! AARRGGHHHH!! A quick phone call to the bus driver (don’t worry he didn’t answer; the teacher on duty did) ensured that it wasn’t a wasted journey for them and we got ready in record time and I had to go drop them, and thankfully just about managed to beat the traffic.

So that’s my start to Monday. I wonder if I’ll update this with more horrific stories. Hopefully not but do watch this space.

Have a great Monday…!

One thought on “Just Another Manic Monday

  1. Heya,

    Sorry to see you’re having such a crap day.
    Whenever I feel a little sad I listen to a really nice song by louis armstrong.

    Always lifts my mood. Hope it does for you too
    His other tunes are pretty good too.

    Can’t believe you wake up at 5:30 in the morning.

    Take it easy

    Sagar Shah


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