My First Ever Stand Up Comedy Show

It’s been a lifelong ambition of mine to watch a live stand up comedy show. I watch Churchill Live, Comedy Circus, Last Comic Standing, bootleg DVDs of Russell Peters and the like but watching a live show I must say is something else. I finally managed to watch a fabulous live stand up comedy show and I’m addicted.

On Saturday I went to the Aga Khan Complex to watch Raju Shrivastav live. I was invited by my friend Salima and we went with her parents. There was a sumptuous dinner spread and I quite liked the way everything was organised. No mad running looking for seats or finding a place to sit down and have dinner. I don’t usually do this but I really must commend the fine job done by Rani’s Productions. I’ve been to a lot of shows that have been organised and promoted by Rani and I must say each time she outdoes herself and this show was no exception.

Raju Shrivastav

After dinner, the lights dimmed and we all settled in anticipation to laugh until our sides split. I’ve watched Raju on TV and have also gone onto YouTube once in awhile for a quick laughter fix and have totally enjoyed his humour. I’ve always maintained that jokes don’t have to be dirty to make someone laugh out loud. I’m not being holier-than-thou. I do enjoy the odd naughty ‘non-vegetarian’ joke but even I know there is a time and place and crowd where you can crack such jokes. In a family atmosphere like the one Saturday I was immensely pleased that Raju was killing us with laughter without being dirty.

He had a trio band with a table (Indian drums), an electric drum machine and a keyboard. Raju had just started off his show when the keyboard player turned up a bit late and Raju started making spontaneous jokes about him saying that he was at another show, asked him if that had gone well and if he had to pay for this performance from his own pocket. Anyone can crack jokes but it’s the delivery that matters. His spontaneity was amazing. There were some kids running around and he cracked jokes on them, two men walked in a bit late after the tea break and he poked fun at them too and the good thing was that nothing was offensive at all.

I feel good, clean, wholesome family entertainment is becoming as rare as hen’s teeth and it was such a pleasure to have been amidst a crowd that totally enjoyed the show. In the audience was my colleague from East FM, Parveen Adam who also had her usual plethora of fans milling around her. I always grin at that – she’s a star in her own right I tell you – and she too was really enjoying herself.

So thanks to Rani Productions I know that I am guaranteed good value for money for the amount I spend on the ticket to see any super star because I’m not about to cough up so much money and have poor management at any show. The super star may be par excellence but if the organisation of the whole show is pathetic and I don’t enjoy myself after being parted from my hard earned money for the show, I see no point in going for such shows.

Anyway, here’s wishing you and your loved ones a Happy Diwali and a prosperous New Year. I have every intention of ushering this year with the laughter that is still ringing in my ears from last week.

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