Kids Ask The Darnedest Things

Yes we all know that don’t we? And my two are not any less. Dream Girl and Googlee tend to ask me questions that sometimes stump me and I can’t even tell them ‘Go ask your Father.’ But thanks to the internet and the demi-god known as Google I always say ‘Google it’ and funnily enough, they do!

So this morning, while getting ready for school, Dream Girl was sitting at my dressing table brushing out her hair and suddenly asks me, ‘Have you ever seen a spitting dog?’

I went quiet because I was thinking. Give me credit where it’s due – I don’t ask them to Google it without giving it some thought first. So I asked if a sneezing dog would do for that category and I could almost hear the buzzer that refutes your answer at a game show and you’ve just lost a few hundred thousand dollars amid the audience’s gasps.

Off they went to school and I still couldn’t stop thinking if I had ever seen a spitting dog. I went out to have a look at the three canine types and just got question looks from them when I commanded ‘Spit! Spit Boy, SPIT!’ One of them wagged its tail. The little one barked at me (I’ll fix him later) and the third one yawned and I *think* I saw spit coming out while he did that.

Not one to be defeated I finally thought of a spitting dog, even if it has 6 legs and reminds me of petrol… I win this round. Sort of.

agip.JPG (1600ร—1200)
The only spitting dog I know of...

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