Taste of China

I quite like Chinese cuisine, especially the Kenyan Chinese which is actually full of flavour and exciting to the palette. Yes, I know, many feel Chinese food should be bland but you haven’t been to Taste of China (TOC) to revise your opinion.

First of all, I must say that I rarely write to put someone’s efforts down so this is not an attempt to tell you if there’s anything wrong with TOC; not that you will find anything wrong. Jitesh and Aarty are good friends and they run this restaurant which is almost two and a half years old. Tucked in a cosy corner of the Prime Apartments on Raphta Road, TOC offers a lovely ambience both indoors and outdoors. There’s a swimming pool that you sit beside while you enjoy your culinary feast and you will be loathe to get off your comfortable seat while enjoying the breeze and the sun.


You cannot fault the service and the food is sumptuous. And if you’re a busy individual who prefers to eat at the desk they deliver your food to you. Be it a party or an intimate dinner for two, you’re well looked after. The hospitality is awesome and you actually feel quite at home. I like the evening ambience too. Looks lovely when all lit up with the moon smiling down on you.

The menu is pretty extensive and I feel you can always tell the quality of the food being served from the vegetarian selection. It is very easy to cater for meat-eaters but the true test is if your vegetarian clientele feels well looked after. I’m not a vegetarian but I do like my veggies so it’s a great pleasure to be able to order from more than just three generic dishes that many restaurants tend to order. For the desserts, the kids and I simply adore the date pancakes. I tried making them at home and gave up. I just can’t match the taste at TOC! In a nutshell, at Taste of China you get good value for your money, the portions are excellent and the food is delicious.

Their full menu and services can be found on http://www.tasteofchina.biz and I actually enjoy going to the site and ordering just to drag the choices into the wok. Try it!

And this is especially for fans of Kamal’s Korner… Taste of China has promised a free meal to any two random people who will comment on this write up so get talking on Kamal’s Korner!!

3 thoughts on “Taste of China

  1. my family just loves there food especilly the honey chilli chicken and chicken in foil….. so yummy even now am graving for it ….but all in one their whole menu is so good plus most important thing u never go wrong with freshness of each and every dish ……….i love the service Waiters ever smilling faces and always on alert, you dont have to wait for minutes before they take your orders.
    Atmosphere ofcourse nice and cozy, under budget of all.
    1 thing i would love to share which u cant get this any resturants, my son had jaundice and was asked not to have meat and oily foods as he was graving for TOC food we took him and asked Arti if she could make something for him with less oil … and to our suprise she prepared such a tastey dish fo rmy son he was full and so happy. BRAVO TOC
    i have introduce lots of my friends and htey also love the food there just too good…keep it up


  2. the place so peaceful and lovely the food is just too good the soups are awasome the delioues aroma of the food as you get into the resturant is just breath taking i just love the food at toc the best chinese cousin in kenya


  3. Hi TOC! How u doing? I have never been to this restaurant (yes guilt as charge) ๐Ÿ˜‰ but what i heard of it from Kamal and the readers above i must say i am so tempted to pay a visit and try their extensive and daring menu to taste all palates. I am quite a foodie (and no i am not fat at all) lol; i love chinese food and i completely agree with Kamal that the way chinese food is prepared in kenya tastes way better than what you get to have when in China! So i would love to come to TOC with a friend and i am sure i wont be disappointed. Keep it up!! Thanks


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