Garlic & Corriander Mushrooms

GARLIC_MUSHROOMS_4b0680aae07f3.jpg (440×400)

This is a quick easy dish to prepare and you can have it as a side dish or as a main one. You decide. Ingredients are not fussy and feel free to experiment with whatever you may want to add to this yummy dish. Barely takes 10 minutes cooking time.


1 punnet mushrooms, sliced

Handful of freshly chopped corriander

1 clove garlic, crushed

1 tbspn lemon juice

1 medium onion, sliced

Salt & pepper to taste

Dash of soya sauce (optional)

Dash of Tabasco (optional)


In a non stick pan add half a teaspoon cooking oil or butter. Add the sliced onions and sautee slightly. Add the garlic and allow it to brown lightly before adding the rest of the ingredients. Allow mushrooms to cook for less than five minutes. Serve with fresh baguette, mash potatoes, salad, baked potato or a side dish with a main meal.

Easy to make and filling too. Enjoy!

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