Adding Quality to my visits down a Street

This is not my fault that it’s Day 5 into the New Year and I’m eating chocolate like it’s going out of fashion. I had managed to not eat chocolate for 32 days and then along came this huge tin of Quality Street chocolates that the kids had dived into with glee and I could restrain myself no more. At first I pretended to eat the ones the kids don’t like – I mean they’re just going to go to waste so might as well have them. Ho hum…

quality-street.jpg (500ร—375)

Then I started bossing them around on those scrumptious flat toffees – you know which ones I’m on about – and those long stick type ones too. Then I attacked the ones in the blue wrapping. Those are the coconut ones. Belatedly after going through six different sweets I realise I can look at that little paper insert and identify what I’m gorging. Oh darn… but never mind! When I have my next lot I’ll know what I’m having, right?

Actually, why wait until later to do what can be done now….?

I’m enjoying those purple hazelnut ones now. Come join me before I demolish them all.


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