This is a very beautiful poem that i first read perhaps over seventeen years ago. I didn’t understand it then as much as I do now. It is beautiful and it is meant for sharing…



A tear rolls out my weary eye,

holding my pain and desperation.

In it lies hidden my rainbow of dreams,

my plans, my goals, my final destination.

I search and search ’til I lie exhausted,

my tears are the toll that I have to pay,

but in yearning for more, in searching my soul,

in reaching for it I drive it away.

As the tide falls, so does my heart,

I know i must search another endless day.

Travelling this path, stumbling upon rocks,

eating just air and sleeping upon hay.

If for a minute, I grasp contentment,

the next thing I know I cast it aside,

pick myself up and shaking off the dust,

I pay the attendant for another ride.

A tear rolls out my weary eye,

will I find peace before I die?

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