Bed Rest and all that Nonsense…

Lying in bed all day long is ok if you are a teenager with severe sleep issues because your Mum wakes you up at an unearthly hour to send you off to school. It’s also worth it if you’re pregnant and are confined to bed rest because you know your baby’s life is at stake. Then comes the type of bed rest that drives you mad and you get frustrated no end. I’m coming to the end of my 3rd week of sitting at home and doing absolutely nothing at all.

How did this happen? Well to cut a long story short, my Mum fell ill about a month ago and was admitted in hospital and I stayed there with her to look after her. Sleeping on that rather uncomfortable couch every night, that had lots of people of all shapes and sizes sitting on it all day long, didn’t help my back much. Carrying my niece was the worst thing I did after that in 3-inch heels. I went to the doctor to get it checked out and highly recommended I rest it out. I thought three days worth of rest would be ok but after the weekend another incidence happened whereby I had to rush Mum back to hospital and while helping her in and out of the car she leaned heavily on me and my back was still dodgy so it just got messed up completely.

I’m happy to say Mum got better but for 3 weeks I’ve been lying around unable to do anything at all. It has been the most frustrating time of my life – I have even shed tears because I was seriously fed up. I couldn’t even get out of my room and go down to the kitchen for a drink or anything. Luckily I have good family and friends who looked after me from picking and dropping kids to school, organising the food and having the house cleaned up and what not – it was all taken care of.

I’m now so much better and am even going to try and NOT complain that I am not allowed to wear my precious heels as yet but in these 3 weeks I have realised a lot. I had nothing but time on my hands to sit and ponder over life and have made some decisions, which I hope to implement as time, goes on.

So thank you so much for looking out for me, for missing me on air at the radio station and putting up with my sullen behaviour at random moments, not replying back messages or taking calls. I think I’m going to be ok now…

Oh and one more thing โ€“ bed rest isnโ€™t as glamorous as it sounds.

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