I Know I’m Hated Because…

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We all hate someone, somewhere, somehow for reasons best known to ourselves. Sometimes this hatred is justified; sometimes it is borne out of sheer envy. In my Walk of Life, I have encountered many haters. From people who want to see me dead to people who hate me because they can’t be like me. It used to hurt to know I’m hated but now I just revel in it because whether you love me or you hate me, you’re still thinking about me so that means I still affect your life.

It did used to crumble the self-esteem, and truth be told, it still does hurt sometimes but most of the time I just get over it and move on. And that makes me even more hated! So here’s an attempt to list down reasons of what makes me hated. Feel free to add your own. The world is full of haters and I’m not here to preach love but live and let die. Go hate someone else. I’m really not worth it.

  • I’m not living off someone to survive and despite being told I’m a loser I proved everyone wrong. I’m doing something and I’m recognised for it and no I didn’t have to sleep with anyone to get where I am so quit being a hater. My hard work brought me to where I am.
  • I tell the truth so I’m not liked. I used to skirt around issues to be diplomatic so that it wouldn’t cause problems between people but I realised the same people I covered up for were the ones talking nonsense about me. Now days I give it right back and I’m hated for it.
  • I make it my business to know other peoples’ business. Just returning the compliment from what these haters have done to me all these years.
  • I also realise that people who have so much to say about you have the MOST to hide about themselves. You hate me because I know what youโ€™re trying to hide. Dirty linen and all…
  • I know the difference between having an opinion and hating โ€“ and you hate me for doing so well in life. You call it an opinion when you put me down. I call it hatred.

I could go on and on and on โ€“ this list can spill into the category of โ€˜Never Ending Dramasโ€™ but I feel Iโ€™ve vented enough.

Along the way I also realised that I was fast becoming a hater because I could do nothing but also see wrong in everyone who had wronged me. Iโ€™ve put a stop to that by consciously deciding to see good in the people I once knew. Everyone has a good side but because the bad side hurts us our pain only lets us see bad. Iโ€™m no angel and I have no guaranteed entry at the Pearly Gates but I do try and overcome my pain by remembering at least one good this person might have done โ€“ to me or to anyone else. It is easy to find ill in people and very difficult to seek good.

Itโ€™s difficult and itโ€™s an uphill trudge but you know what โ€“ you come out feeling so much better about yourself, liberated from your painful past and of course you are able to let go and move on.

โ™ฅBeing nice to someone you dislike doesn’t mean you’re a fake.
It means you are mature enough to tolerate your dislike towards them. โ™ฅ

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