Lightning DOES strike twice in the same place!


This is, I promise you, not an attempt to show off. If it were Iโ€™d throw in a lot more than what I am just about to but I really do want to share my good fortune and also want to correct the illusion that lightning does not strike twice. It does and Iโ€™ll tell you how.

As always, I was just minding my own business. Sometimes I like to mind someone elseโ€™s but this time it was totally my own that I was looking out for when suddenly I started having problems with one of my major organs. I can forgive you for thinking if your mind has wandered towards a bodily organ but Iโ€™ll correct you and have you know that I consider my two handsets, the iPhone and the BlackBerry my major organs. I cannot do without either.


So the BlackBerry starts acting strange and keeps rebooting in the middle of phone calls and Iโ€™m getting really frustrated. The last time I had BlackBerry problems, the then CEO of Safaricom Michael Joseph gifted me a beautiful iPhone 3GS, which instantly became the love of my life. So while this posh new handset became my primary organ and means to reach the world I retained the BlackBerry too. Iโ€™m a Kenyan โ€“ Iโ€™m SUPPOSED to have two phones at least!

My Two Vital Organs

Being the social network addict I am, I started appealing on Facebook and Twitter for a kind donor to sell their kidney for me so that I could buy a new BlackBerry. This world is cruel โ€“ no one spoke up and poked fun at my plea then eventually I put up my kidney for sale on the said social forums relating that I would buy a new BlackBerry once I sold my kidney and what do you knowโ€ฆ My plea gets heard! Michael Joseph drops by on Facebook and Twitter to tell me heโ€™d send me a new BlackBerry and I wouldnโ€™t need to sell any bodily parts!

My Super Hero - No kidneys had to be sold

While I tried to act nonchalant that Michael Joseph had commented on my Facebook status and directed a message to me on Twitter, my friends were seriously impressed and a couple of them tried their best to blatantly beg to be included in this impromptu gift-giving fest. For some rather strange reason, many of my friends think that I am best of mates with Michael and that I probably have posh business lunches with him, which is not true because I have a radio show to do over lunch hours and sometimes I actually allow them to think that but that usually backfires when they come to me telling me to throw in a good word for them with Michael, begging for things ranging from employment to sponsorship, new handsets and perhaps to add them on Facebook too, to everything in between.


Anyway, within 48 hours of my heartfelt plea I was the proud owner of a brand new BlackBerry Torch gifted to me, once again, by THE Michael Joseph, who was incidentally abroad when all this drama happened and had the lovely Purity at his office back in Nairobi sort out the delivery of the handset to me. I keep saying this over and over again โ€“ if this is the height of efficiency coming from Michael Joseph can someone please just make him the President or something?


Write-up sent from Kamal Kaurโ€™s brand new BlackBerry Torch







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