That Man Jeff….

Iโ€™ve had a crush on Jeff Koinange ever since I was 19. I saw him reading the news on TV with bad reception because the aerial might have been dodgy but who cares?! Suddenly there was this Adonis-like man on the screen of our TV and I was smitten.


I followed his career and was suitably gutted when I heard heโ€™s married but I still did go weak at the knees every time I saw him on the TV screen. After a while he came back to Nairobi and Iโ€™d bump into him at the Sarit Centre once in a while. Heโ€™s a total gentleman because he was rather nice to me as I tried to make coherent sentences while I had buckets of drool at my feet.


I also met him once at bar and in my daze (no, I wasnโ€™t drunk but I was weak at the knees) I mustered courage to go up to Jeff and say hello. I think I must have said stuff that sounded like โ€˜Gaaa gooo bllaahhhh goooss ddduuuhhhh baarrrrrrrrโ€™ or something of that sort and stuck a paper serviette under his nose for an autograph for which he kindly obliged.


The day my Mum chucked that serviette away was a sombre one. I cried and refused to speak to Mum who couldnโ€™t understand the value of a shredded serviette with indelible ink scribbles that were fading. To me that serviette was gold!


Anyway, Jeff reappeared again in my daughterโ€™s life when he graced their schoolโ€™s Media Day and signed her an autograph. She couldnโ€™t stop talking about how nice he was and he asked her name and personalised the autograph. When she sat in the car and related all this to me I had a huge smile. See? Jeff commands the adulation!


I got in touch with Jeff on the social network Twitter and he ever so kindly allowed me to openly swoon at him (even at the point of embarrassment) but he was such a gentleman about it. The lovely Gina Din cannot understand why I swoon over him. Maybe she does. Who knowsโ€ฆ?


All I know is Jeff is drool-material and he sent me very expensive posh chocolates for Valentineโ€™s Day, which I know Iโ€™d NEVER had got had Gina not forced them out of him but Iโ€™ll overlook that and feel gratified with my lovely gift.

Thank you Jeff. Youโ€™re a star.



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