Aly-Khan Satchu: Not sure about Lock and Barrel but he knows Stocks…

The Magnificent Aly-Khan Satchu


When I started writing for the Star newspaper (then knows as Nairobi Star) the business pages would have the picture of this smart gentleman who talked about markets, shares, bulls and bears. The most interesting thing about his write up would be that someone like me who knows absolutely nothing about trading or stocks actually managed to get the gist of things.

I never collided with him in the corridors of Lion Place where the Star offices are but I did see him one Sunday while I had taken my kids for swimming. He was also out with his family and I was itching to go say hello but he seemed to be busy on his laptop and I didn’t want to disturb him.

I’m digressing here a bit… Every time you see a picture in a newspaper or magazine of someone constantly, for some reason, if you have never met them, you really do think they’re larger in life and when you do meet them in real life at some point you can’t help notice how short they are. Well, none of that with Aly-Khan! He really is a larger than life gentleman and TALL!

Eventually I started following him on Twitter and very shyly I’d say hello AND HE WOULD REPLY! One thing I must say is that Aly-Khan has got a lot of ‘Netiquette’. He has thousands of followers on Twitter and he always has the time to read each and every message and reply individually and I really do like that about him. No wonder he’s adored like a favourite film star!

Aly-Khan also hosts the phenomenal sensation we know as Mindspeak. Usually held on a Saturday at the Westgate Silverbird Cinemas, Aly-Khan has a guest of the day who is usually a go-getter in the corporate world and the audience gets to find out more about this guest and delve deeper with questions from the floor. Mindspeak is free of charge and attracts many from Twitter-World. I attended one when Gina Din, PR Guru, was being hosted and was stunned at the beyond-capacity full house. I also quickly realised why Mindspeak is the phenomenon it is – you leave that auditorium with take-home-value and Aly-Khan is so lovely, he actually stays behind to individually speak to just about everyone who wants his opinion or something or just to share an overwhelming handshake.

He also sends greetings out from the 8th floor every morning but youโ€™ll have to follow him on Twitter to find out what Iโ€™m on about and the day he takes a break from Twitter, the Time Line seems VERY empty without him!


To know more about Mindspeak visit and do follow Aly-Khan on Twitter on





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