My Run In With Bob…

He's lovely I tell you...


My Saturday mornings are usually spent doing stuff with my kids. I try and get the housework out of the way as the kidsโ€™ social life is far hectic than mine. I run Mummyโ€™s Taxi every weekend like itโ€™s going out of fashion. From swimming classes to piano lessons, from going to the movies to treating my kids to a pizza life does get pretty hectic.


Today was a rare Saturday that I had to myself as I had to meet a friend for brunch at ArtCaffe at Westgate Mall. I totally enjoyed her lovely company and then thought of treating myself to a new pair of heels. Alas nothing tickled my fancy at all so I decided to just come back home and after doing that pay-ticket nonsense where no one ever seems to have the right change I walk towards my car and see a familiar face.

Iโ€™m used to seeing this face with a suit adorning the body in the newspapers but just last week I had met Bob Collymore, the CEO of Safaricom, at Mindspeak hosted by Aly-Khan Satchu where Gina Din was the guest speaker. Bob knows of me because somehow (I canโ€™t recall how it all started) I offered to sell my kidney to cook a meal for him if he bought me posh chocolates. You see for Valentineโ€™s Day, Gina had made Jeff Koinange treat me to a lovely box of choccies and Iโ€™ve been swooning over Jeff at every social website so Iโ€™m thinking Bob might have felt he was more worthy of a swoon since his chocolates were probably more up-market (from Dubai, he claims).


Now the thing is that Jeff delivered within 24 hours, Michael Joseph delivered my new BlackBerry Torch in 48 hours (Bob has a problem with this but more on this in another post) and 2 weeks on Iโ€™m still awaiting my chocolates.


So I ran into Bob at the parking at Westgate and he was LOVELY! He stopped to say hello and give me a hug and I cheekily asked him if he was here to buy me chocolates, which he has promised to deliver to me at work on Monday, and he literally dragged me to buy me chocolates. Isnโ€™t he lovely? I graciously declined because:

a.)ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย  I was in a rush to go pick up my kids from my parentsโ€™ place

b.)ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย  I have been bragging on all social mediums since last night that THE Bob Collymore (yes he who is the CEO of Safaricom) will be coming to Lion Place to personally deliver the chocolates so there was no way I would accept chocolates and then be asked or teased by my colleagues that I was just making up stories.

c.)ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย  He looked like he was in a rush and even though he gallantly offered to buy the whole chocolate aisle I was just keen on the posh Dubai chocolates.


Bobโ€ฆ you really are lovely. Thank you for making my day by stopping for a chat (you CEOs are not as snobbish as us mere Kenyans think you are ehโ€ฆ) and above all for being so kindly generous. I look forward to meeting you on Monday.


Oh and Bob was GLARING at my BlackBerry Torch and Iโ€™ll tell you more about that AFTER I get my chocolates. Something to do with the lovely Purity and Tabieโ€ฆ Watch this space!



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