Say what you want but…

Usually when someone starts a sentence with that you know something strongly opinionated is coming your way. I’m no exception to this rule because I have something I must say because it’s something I appreciate.

I’m a total gadget addict. I seem to have most modern means of communication at my disposal and I have also made my choices as to who my service providers will be. My default mobile line is Safaricom – it always has been and will be. The second line that I have is an Airtel line which I have for emergencies or for people who insist on asking me ‘for my other number’. I have an Orange landline too…

Now here’s the thing. My landline has not been working since last year and despite numerous complaints to Orange no one has bothered to do anything. I’m paying maintenance charges but my line is not working. On the other hand my Airtel line is not allowing me to call out even though I made the payment. Customer Care were nice enough to look into what is going on but 24 hours later I’m still not able to call out. What good is my line to me, I ask you?

I’m going to unashamedly praise Safaricom because in the 10 years I’ve had my line I’ve actually never had any problems where I’ve had to bang my head into a wall with frustration. From BlackBerry services to activating data bundles, from a simple silly question as to why EDGE on my BlackBerry was showing ‘edge’ in small letters and everything in between, I have always had the pleasure of prompt Safaricom Customer Care experience. ย Dialling the short numbers to get through to Safaricom services have never been an issue for me. And the BEST thing about Safaricom is that they are on social media and forums and get back to you promptly to look into your query. I have seen rude and abusive messages from irate customers who probably don’t realise it’s not a problem with their provider but their defunct handset, yet they get back to you and try and sort your maneno out.

I have been told I ‘kiss Safaricom ass’ because I know the former and current CEO. That’s just utter nonsense and I’m not going to sugar coat my words. If I am calling the Customer Care number am I seriously going to name drop and mention the CEO’s name to get good service? Excuse me while I barf. It’s not about who you know these days that matters. If you are a customer, you are treated with the same respect and importance as the previous caller, and the next one too.

I’m just one happy and satisfied customer with Safaricom and because people normally only ever complain about the bad, I decided I’d give importance to the good that is being done. I’m VERY HAPPY with Safaricom as my mobile service provider and above all, their Customer Service and Care is frikking AWESOME. They definitely are The Better Option.

There. I said it.


2 thoughts on “Say what you want but…

  1. I second you on that. I also have a Safcom line the 722 issues back when Nokia 3310 was going for 18k,I recall cos my old man purchased the phone and I had to make a deposit because I needed a double-digit number. Yes there have been instances when Safaricom has had network issues, but none come close to what Orange has, or even Airtel. An old capt friend of mine has Airtel and he receives about 10-17 promotional messages daily, if that is not invasion to privacy, then trust me, we need a new definition of that.

    When Safcom went to social-media, that meant that I would rather DM them my problem and even before that, I used email and had my issues sorted more so when their customer-care was unavailable. Things are much better now, no doubt about that, and with a Customer Care in town, email and twitter accounts for Safcom, why would I move my primary connection line to another operator?


  2. Thaaank you. I only subscribe to Safaricom and that will not change anytime soon…and should it change, Airtel will be last provider I will ever subscribe to. I usually feel like they try tooooo hard to woo people; and that leaves me a tad wary of them. If their products are solid, why do they act like they’ll resort to almost anything to get my attention?


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