This Was A First!

Dramatic as I can get at the best of times, I’m usually pretty easy going. I have often boasted that I put the Melo in Drama but there are times when I’m ok without having the spotlight on me.

So day before yesterday I was at London’s Heathrow Airport indulging in some retail therapy, testing out the perfumes (not all on me…), checking out the latest gadgets and drooling over chocolates and handbags having lost track of time completely when I heard on the announcement system, ‘Could passenger Kamal Kaur flying Kenya Airways to Nairobi please report to Gate 14 immediately‘. At first I just stood there. Oh my goodness… they said my name! I was rooted outside WH Smith grinning away when the announcement came again and I looked at the electronic information overhead that said Gate 14 was a 5 minute walk from where I was!

I did a mad dash (yes, I can run even though I sound like Thomas the Tank Engine when I stop after a small sprint) and was the last passenger on the plane because they started closing off the doors as soon as I walked in! This was a definite first. I’m usually a very ‘obedient traveller’ who never has liquids in the bag and is usually in the first quarter of the queue to get into the plane so this was quite something a bit on the wild side and all. Check me out living dangerously…

And that was my adventure at Heathrow. I had my name called out at the airport! ๐Ÿ™‚

One thought on “This Was A First!

  1. Were you panting after such a rush or you were just too excited to hear your name? Definately it was a first.


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