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Khallaas: An A-Z Guide to the Underworld

If you hear me speaking like some sort of a gangster from Bollywood, I’d like you to know it’s because I’ve just finished reading this book by J. Dey.

As a crime reporter, Jyotirmoy Β Dey amassed a wealth of information by talking to police officers, police informants, members of gangs, and even dons. Readers will be flabbergasted by the illegal activities that occur beneath the reach of the law. Throughout this book, the author stresses on the importance of rules and ethics in this business and how it governs the drive to attain maximum profits and gain a competitive edge over rivals. In Khallaas: An A to Z Guide To The Underworld, Dey also presents an exhaustive list of words that are part of the underworld language code. The list was designed to outsmart their enemies, especially law enforcement officials.

Basically, a whole new language is created to foil people who don’t understand the lingo. It took me some time to get through the book, but only because of work pressures I wasn’t spending as much time on reading as I should have.

I got this book from the Duty Free at Delhi airport a couple of years back. I’ve seen it here in Nairobi at Savani’s Book Centre as well.

Get it for the sheer curiosity, or that you want to speak ‘gangsta’ Indian ‘eshtyle’.



Adventures at Chicago O’Hare AirportΒ 

So the flight from Chicago O’Hare to Newark was delayed by 3hrs. Eventually we boarded, taxied & had to come back to terminal.

This was because flight staff can legally only work fixed hours. Fair enough. Been at carousel for hour & half waiting for baggage.
No sign of bags. Staff gone home. Shuttle to hotel stopped. (Past midnight) On hold to hotel reservations for 37 minutes. Yes. Thirty seven.

It’s 12:25am & we are exhausted. We have precious cargo with us. The bride-to-be!

The next time I feel I lead an uneventful life I should remember this incidence & keep calm. Not like the guy I named John Doe.

John Doe went ballistic talking about lawsuits. I cheered up at his vocal stand. He had the attention of a few of us as we nodded along.
John Doe talked to Tattoo Guy on his way to Vegas. TG gets worked up hearing JD’s story saying he’s been bumped off a flight since 5pm.
JD senses an opportunity to protest even loudly & advises TG ‘you have a case dude’ & carries on telling him more about our dramas.
More protests ensue as they all agree American Airlines is ‘the worst f***ing airline in the whole of America’. Me, I just stare at carousel.
Carousel is spinning but no sign of bags. Passengers from our airline dejectedly start dispersing.
Here I am, blogging all this. I need to sleep. 😲

This Was A First!

Dramatic as I can get at the best of times, I’m usually pretty easy going. I have often boasted that I put the Melo in Drama but there are times when I’m ok without having the spotlight on me.

So day before yesterday I was at London’s Heathrow Airport indulging in some retail therapy, testing out the perfumes (not all on me…), checking out the latest gadgets and drooling over chocolates and handbags having lost track of time completely when I heard on the announcement system, ‘Could passenger Kamal Kaur flying Kenya Airways to Nairobi please report to Gate 14 immediately‘. At first I just stood there. Oh my goodness… they said my name! I was rooted outside WH Smith grinning away when the announcement came again and I looked at the electronic information overhead that said Gate 14 was a 5 minute walk from where I was!

I did a mad dash (yes, I can run even though I sound like Thomas the Tank Engine when I stop after a small sprint) and was the last passenger on the plane because they started closing off the doors as soon as I walked in! This was a definite first. I’m usually a very ‘obedient traveller’ who never has liquids in the bag and is usually in the first quarter of the queue to get into the plane so this was quite something a bit on the wild side and all. Check me out living dangerously…

And that was my adventure at Heathrow. I had my name called out at the airport! πŸ™‚