Smiling To Hide Pain

I found this as I was bumbling along and stopped to read it twice. I just had to share it even though it borders on nauseatingly soppy because somewhere along the lines there is truth in what it says that I sometimes deny myself. It’s a nice read…. thought I’d share it. I don’t know who wrote the original though.

That girl who smiles a lot to hide the pain…
Who laughs so she doesn’t have to cry…
Who pretends everything’s alright so no one knows whats wrong…
Who says “I’m fine, really I am, dont worry” even though she’s not..
Just remember this could be anyone..
Even me.

I know it’s soppy but I felt that we could relate to the words because there are many times when we pretend everything is alright when we know it isn’t…

One comment

  1. I can relate to this too…most times, you just don’t want to bring down the people you care about; so you suck it all up & laugh even when it’s hurting like hell…As always, you not only write beautifully but have an eye for beautiful writing. Cheers.


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