This Has To Be Shared…

So I’m minding my own business driving my kids home from their Grandparents’ place, listening to the radio in the background while Dream Girl has her iPod headphones firmly implanted in her ears and Googlee has no choice but to listen to the radio station that was pelting out their version of on-air classified ads when he suddenly asks me something…

Googlee: Muuuummmm…. do you know at Spa Belleza even boys can go?

I go quiet, a small smile forming on my lips. Spa Belleza is some kind of a Ladies Only Spa and they promise you that you will lose up to a kilo a week in weight and loads of inches come off too. He’d just heard the advert so he spoke up about it.

Me: No… I didn’t know. Didn’t they just say on the radio that it’s for Ladies Only?

Googlee: Yes but you know my friend Jerry (name has been changed to protect the innocent!) he goes there.

It suddenly dawns WHY Jerry actually goes to Spa Belleza. It’s simple. His Mum goes there and she drags him along with him, I’m guessing probably because of baby sitting issues. I stifle a snigger. This particular lady has always been condescending to me about my weight and says I really need to do something about it. Now I wouldn’t mind friendly concern but she’s a downright bitch who usually says all this in front of other people REALLY LOUDLY and tries to put me down.

Anyway, I can’t wait for the next PTA meeting at the kids’ school…. <<<evil grin>>>


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