Kenyans For Kenya โ€“ The Girlie Way


Kenyans for Kenya is not an alien phrase in our country. From social media to print and electronic media, anyone and everyone who is concerned with the plight of starving Kenyans is doing something for them. In this initiative, there are no political agendas at all. Itโ€™s just us Kenyans โ€“ you, me and everyone else โ€“ who are doing our bit by giving back to our starving counterparts. First of all, shame on us that in this day and age we are facing a crisis of starvation.

Iโ€™m not going to vent my displeasure at all that. I think a lot of people have vented enough and I would like to look at the positive side of it all and highlight that instead. From little school children to big corporate companies, from a humble police constable to a beggar who donated to the cause, us Kenyans know how to stick by each other in times of need.

My only problem with this is that instead of getting up once they are looked after, quite a few Kenyans who receive help donโ€™t do much to get up completely and learn from their experiences to make sure they donโ€™t go through the same rough patch again. We seem to be becoming a nation that doesnโ€™t mind keeping the bowl ready for help. Itโ€™s such a shame that we are so able to do so much more yet we rely on aid and help from others. Hopefully this time around, with all the relief work going on, Red Cross has also vowed to teach the starving how to sustain themselves instead of just giving handouts.

One person who is prominently on the forefront amongst many household names is Gina Din. She has tirelessly worked alongside many to make this initiative a success and last weekend she organized a Ladies Lunch at her place, which was going to be a fundraiser too.

Gina Din and Julie Gichuru

Dorothy, Naomi and Kirsty are friends who I have made on Twitter and we made up our own little clique and went for this lunch at Ginaโ€™s place. She had graciously opened up her home to entertain ladies while we all raised money for a good cause. Who says we canโ€™t have fun while helping others?

KK, Dorothy, Kirsty, Naomi

There was an entrance fee that entailed you to a sumptuous lunch that was catered for by the InterContinental Hotel who had made this as part of their donation. Then we could take glamour pictures, have make up done, indulge in a fantastic massage and every one of these individuals who were giving this service did it for free and all the proceeds collected from these fun activities was put towards the Kenyans for Kenya initiative.

Pinky Ghelani-Raj & Julie Gichuru

I will need more than just half a page to describe every detail and every fabulous lady who was present at this fundraiser lunch but I must say that I was immensely proud that I was amongst women who were there to take charge and turn things around and make sure families and especially children didnโ€™t die of hunger. Besides staying focused on why we had gathered at Ginaโ€™s place we also managed to have a bit of girlie fun. My friends and I had quite a giggle doing glamour shots with Emmanuel Jambo and Bobby Pal. I think I was in my element of Bollywood Diva and this was the first time ever for me in front of a camera getting a proper photo shoot and I even managed to muster up a sulky pout and have everyone in fits of laughter.

Jennifer Baraza, Bidanya Barza, Susan Githuku

Yes it was funโ€ฆ. But it was also sad thinking of the reason we had all gathered there. Kenya is ours and we must make sure no one ever dies of hunger in our country. It is our responsibility to get up and do something, and keep doing it. Leadership doesnโ€™t need a title. It just needs an attitude.

PS Amina Abdalla & Jennifer Baraza

You can contribute your donations via MPesa to paybill number 111 111. Every shilling you can afford to give will make a difference in someoneโ€™s life.



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