If I tell you…

…will I get jinxed?

There’s something I’ve been doing since the 1st of July this year. Actually it’s more like ‘not doing’ and it is something I have been indulging in every day before I decided to stop. Without much further suspense or drama I might as well let you know that today it is exactly 58 days since I had any chocolate.

I’ll just give those who know me very well some moments to stop gasping and asking me if I’m ok before I go on.

*tapping feet*

Ok, done.

Yes, I’m ok and no I’m not dying… not that I know of anyway. I decided to go on a ‘personal lent’ and give up chocolates for a reason known to only 3 people in my life. I have set a date for until when I have decided to keep away from this vice of mine and at the rate I’m going I feel I might just breeze by that date and probably push myself beyond the limits I have set for myself. I’m actually quite proud of myself because I have really persevered. The first couple of weeks were really hard and I could have easily sneaked a chocolate and no one would have known but the thing is I would have known and if I’m doing this for myself, how can I cheat on myself?

So I soldiered on and put my mind to it and day before yesterday I walked by the confectionary aisle at the supermarket without breaking into a cold sweat or having palpitations for all the wrong reasons, going wild eyed and filling up my trolley with 58 days worth of missed out chocolate treats. Nope. Cool as a cucumber I merely glanced and allowed myself a small smile and didn’t even have the slightest inclination to buy anything.

Oh goodness. I’m SO proud of myself.

And now my haters have probably jinxed me but what the heck… I managed 58 days without chocolate and I have every intention of surpassing the goal I’ve set for myself.


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