Not even for a pair of Manolos…

I’ve always said death is a small price to pay to look good in a pair of shoes even if the shoes are uncomfortable but I do know one has to draw the line somewhere. I was online reading the papers when I came across a picture of feet with the ugliest ever veins bulging out of a pair of feet dressed in beautiful shoes.

The horror increases as I realise those feet belong to no other than Sarah Jessica Parker, she of Sex and the City character Carrie Bradshaw. Her Stella McCartney ivory lace dress was beautiful and when the eyes travelled down to the footwear I just gasped. Those veins look BAD! Sarah admits that she’s gotten so used to wearing heels all the time that her feet actually feel nothing at all. Her feet are completely destroyed.

I know I have a shoe fetish. I own so many pairs of shoes that I’ve lost count but even I’m not going to damage my feet to this extent where I have no feeling left in my feet at all. Not even for a lifetime supply of Manolo Blahniks.

Ok maybe flat ones or medium heeled ones… but you get my point!

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